Thoughts from September 2011

the wisdom of James M's diary


This is where James M sits. James M likes cake, poached eggs on toast with marmite and ketchup and controversially titled songs by The Prodigy. He dislikes dealing with car insurance firms and isn't that bothered about the removal of Friends from E4's scheduling.

James M is a man of few words, favouring quality over quantity. He also happens to be the keeper of a very special diary. It's looks pretty normal — A4, week to view, jam-packed with important meetings and lunch dates which reflect a man of his standing — but nestled in the bottom left hand corner for every single week of the year is a quote. The kind of life changing quote that gives you the confidence to jump up onto your chair in a meeting, beat your chest like Tarzan and tell everyone the real meaning of life before quitting your job to become a yoga teacher.

James M is the sharing type, so here's this week's gem just for you:


Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm, Publilius Syrus (~100 BC).

More next week. Maybe.