Thoughts from September 2011

has anybody seen jimmy nail?


A few of us got to thinking the other day that life's been a whole lot duller since he departed our screens and stopped making that sweet, sweet music of his. We also realised we knew just about all of the words to Cowboy Dreams and that it's impossible to listen to a harmonica without pulling a strange face and looking a bit ill.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts please let us know, and ask him when he'll be coming back.

India bound...

Every year, innocent gives one or two lucky employees the opportunity to go and work with one of the charities we support through our foundation, using some of our work skills. Those of you who've been reading this blog for a while may remember tales from Andrew in Malawi, JT in Kenya, or our Emilie in Ethopia.

Em in Ethiopia
Emilie in Ethiopia showing the bees who was boss

On Friday, I'll be following in their illustrious footsteps, lugging my camera and a notebook with me, as I head to India to work with disability charity ADD gathering materials for their fundraising and training needs. I'll be penning a few posts while I'm away but it sees only right that I do some introductions first...

ADD supports disabled people in 11 different countries across Africa and Asia to challenge disability discrimination. Their vision is to create a world where disabled people can enjoy their rights and participate in society as fully as they choose to, and we've been supporting the work that they do in India since April 2009.


Three quarters of the disabled population in India live in rural communities, and less than 2% receive any form of vocational training. ADD India works to educate people in the skills they need to earn a livelihood, and offers financial support through microloans- these are frequently used to boost incomes in India, but disabled people are generally excluded from these schemes.


The project that we're funding has so far delivered loans to over 200 people, enabling them to gain independence through their livelihood, and to participate more fully in the communities in which they live. Over the next few weeks, I'll be meeting a few of the people who have benefited from these loans, and be able to see first hand the impact that it has had not only on their lives, but on the lives of their families, who are often marginalised as well.


So there you are. Introductions done. I'd definitely recommend that you get to know them a bit better here, but if not, I'll be in touch shortly with some more info from the other side of the world.

hat of the week: sombreros vs. aquatic animals

Last week we saw Binface of yesteryear take on his newfound family. And you know what? You voted for Binface, and he came out triumphant. Congratulations go to Vera of the Tilgate Drive Knitter Knatterers, who last year gave us the inspiration for this little video.

This week, we see sombreroed Mexican Pete and his compadres (all in beautiful rainbow knitwear), take on an anonymous shrimp and his frog-legged friend, a frog (or hermit Kermit as we like to call him).

Janet King_Mexican Pete

Anonymous shrimp & frog
Will it be burritos all round, or time to put another shrimp on the barby?

The power is in your hands, just click here to place your vote by liking your favourite photo.


breakfast burritos

Currently out in California, helping my friend Claire set up the first US Do Lectures at Campovida, right in the heart of the Mendocino hills.


Cycled down the very dodgy road today to get lunch from Hopland's equivalent of the Hungry Grassy Van and was pleased to note the common theme in menus (despite the lack of bunting, daisies and astroturf)



The Hungry Grassy Van is in Bristol till Weds 14th September serving breakfast, lunch and dinner before heading up to Manchester on Saturday 17th at Spinningfields.

So make sure you get there early for a breakfast burrito (and we'll compare notes after).