Thoughts from September 2011

foundation day

We have declared today innocent foundation day, so there’s a hint of India in Fruit Towers. The foundation is funded the 10% of profits that the business gives to charity – the majority comes to the foundation. This year the foundation is funding 16 projects, mainly in developing countries where the fruit comes from.

The foundation works with 3 Non Governmental Organisations who have projects in India, so it seemed like a great opportunity to wear saris, have a curry and do some Bollywood dancing. Plus the lovely Emma is currently working with Action on Disability and Development one of the projects on the ground in Karnataka India, so we had a chance to hear more about some of the people she has met.

Some of the foundation guardians wore saris. The challenge is putting them on, but we had the expert Amisha to show us how...

110926 putting on saris

It’s great to have a glam Monday.

110926 foundation guardians

We had auspicious lamps.

110926 LAmp

Rangoli at the entrance.

110926 entrance

And everyone in Fruit Towers learnt a little bit of Bollywood dancing at our Monday Morning Meeting.

110926bollywood dancing

Then we had curry for lunch and Georgie, Laura and Olivia from one of our partner organisations Find Your Feet came along to tell us more about makes their work on the ground so successful; the Self Help Groups they help women to set up. Our Emilie has been out to visit the work on the ground and she told us more about her trip too.

110926 FYF and Emilie

funny shaped veg

Behold Carrot Man. He's strong, but with a surprisingly sensitive side. He likes strolls in the park, and good food. Despite such great qualities, he's never managed to find that special someone to share his life with.

Carrot Man

So if you know of another carrot* who might like to get to know him, we'd love it if you'd get in touch.

We'd equally love to see more crazy shaped veg, so if you have any lurking around at the bottom of your garden, take a photo and email it to us at

A big thank you to Sally Hall for sending in this rather wonderful work of art.

* or any other veg for that matter

hat of the week: psychedellic squids take on rasta

The results are in from last week, drum roll please, and the anonymous shrimp and hermit Kermit took the lead, safely securing their stronghold over Mexican Pete and his compadres. If you know who knitted this shrimp, please let us know. He's totally anonymous, and and a bit of an anomaly. But a wonderful one.

In the most suprising hat of the week yet, an otherwise friendly group of psychedellic squids take on a rasta. Who wins? You decide, by placing your votes in our Facebook album by clicking "like" on your favourite.

Shirley boyle

R. Boyce


a little help from some friends

Tnw_blogheader_strawberry (2)

The launch of our little project to do good with unwanted fruit is almost upon us, so we thought it only right to introduce some of the people who'll be helping out along the way.

This is Eloise


And this is Emily


They both work for the organisation A Taste of Freedom whose sole purpose is tackling the problem of food waste. Along with Tristram Stuart, author and campaigner, they run a fantastic outreach programme providing workshops and talks on food waste and sustainability at schools and other venues, and they also make a pretty mean smoothie.

Here they are in action at our pilot day back in July giving a lesson on the madness of food waste (check out the oversized pupil at the back)


Mixing the fruit for the smoothies


Acting like true professionals when overenthusiastic shaking of the tarpaulin causes it to rip (obviously no fruit was wasted and it was all lovingly washed before going into the final smoothie)


Putting the smooth into smoothie (sorry)


Supervising a shaky Rich


This Friday and every Friday for the next 8 weeks we'll all be heading down to East Sheen Primary School and helping the kids make smoothies with a bunch of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste.

We'll let you know how it goes.