Thoughts from September 2011

homeward bound...


How to try and sum up 14 pretty incredible days in a single blog post...

I've met over 50 rather special individuals who have benefited directly from our innocent Foundation


Drunk about 20 cups of hot milk, straight from the yard


Been given one jack fruit


Had 2 delicious coconuts from the tree


Been lucky enough to sit in on 3 of the monthly meetings run at local village level by disabled people for disabled people, where the big decisions get made.


And almost been launched through the roof of 1 Indian bus (note to self: never, ever sit on the back row).

Trying to give a picture of all the people that I've met is a lot more difficult. I've been totally blown away by the sheer determination to drive change that I have witnessed this past fortnight- but one of the most striking examples I've seen is a man I met called Poundurai.


ADD met Poundurai at a Federation meeting for disabled people that they attended about 5 years ago. He wasn't in a leadership role at the time, but they noticed his potential and began working with him more closely over the years to support the work that he was doing.

5 years on, and he now represents over 2300 disabled people in a block of over 40 villages in his area. He's the elected President of the Disability Development Trust, a co-ordinator of the governement disability programme, and Leader of the National Federation for the Blind, fighting tirelessly to make sure that disabled people get a fair deal. He and his team have helped more disabled people get bank loans than any other group in the area, they've taught parents of severely disabled children how to teach their children to wash and dress, and they've ensured that when things aren't right, they're addressed.

When I was there, we spoke to a lady whose postman had been skimming 500 rupees for himself off the government benefits that he was supposed to be delivering her in full each month. Apparently this is rather common.

From the look on Poundurai's face, I suspect the postman might think twice about it next time.

stuck between a rock and a mountain

Our Tansy normally spends her days keeping the innocent creative team running smoothly and collecting used coffee mugs on her desk. This week she's swapped her Sharpie and notebook for warm clothing and hiking boots as she takes on the Pyrenees, hiking for 10.5 hours a day all in aid of the Romilly Forshall Foundation.

Somehow she managed to get mobile reception and send these quick snaps of the Pyrenees and some rocks.



hat of the week: all creatures great and boogley-eyed

In this week's edition, all creatures great and googley-eyed go eyeball to eyeball, as the triple-tag-team of a fish, snail and bee challenge a pair of alien-fish to a duel. Or does that make it a brawl? You can place your votes here by "liking" which hat you prefer.

Fish snail bee
A googley fish, snail and bee.

Alien fish
If you can tell us exactly what these are then you'll win an overriding sense of relief and relaxation from us.

Last week, the psychedellic squids took poll position over the rasta-bonanza, a big congratulations to Shirley Boyle.


power to the people

As some of you will know, I'm currently in India working with one our innocent foundation partners, disability charity ADD. I've been here for 10 days now, and it's been quite the adventure.

We had our innocent foundation day yesterday so I sent across a little video across of some of the things I've seen and learnt this week, which we thought we'd share.

Pop the kettle on, stick the headphones in, and learn about some amazing people. What they are doing is truely remarkable.

the dude’s banana plane game now available for your iPhone or iPad

To celebrate our brand new alphabet magnets in packs now, we launched a brand new app for iPhone and iPad, meaning you can have fun with the innocent kids’ world wherever you go.


The app is an adaptation of the ‘The Dude’s Banana Plane’ game, a firm favourite on our innocent kids’ website. You'll need to navigate the Banana Plane through a series of targets, whilst picking up fruity bonuses along the way - with exclusive app only features such as a ‘night mode’, where the innocent kids world turns to darkness. Plus there's loads of other performance-based bonuses to unlock.

So why not download the app today and challenge your friends to get to the top of the leaderboard. It's completely free!