Thoughts from October 2011

hat of the week: mouse against Zelda

The hats have been piling in to Fruit Towers, and the competition is hotting up. This week we pitch a modest mouse against a pint-sized fantasy warrior who needs to find a Princess. It's mouse Vs The Legend of Zelda in an epic battle of tiny proportions. Go here to place your vote.


The results are in from last week, and the googley snail, fish and bee came out victorious over the alien fish. Congratulations go to Sarah Jane Burningham.

german monday

In case you missed it, yesterday was German Unity Day and the final day of Oktoberfest

German Unity Day is where everyone who lives in Germany has the day off work and gets to celebrate German reunification.

Or present in an international marketing meeting if you happen to be out the country


After finishing his presentation, Christian went off to have his shorts admired by hand


Whilst Lina just went back to her desk and got on with some work

taste not waste - the launch

Last week we launched our exciting new project - taste not waste. Our Lou, Rich and Jojo headed down to East Sheen Primary School with a merry band of helpers from innocent, the guys from food waste group A Taste of Freedom and Zac Goldsmith MP.

Team Photo

There, we turned 170 portions of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste into delicious smoothies for the kids, and will be doing so every Friday for the next 7 weeks.

There was lots of (supervised) chopping


A little bit of fooling around


Prentending we'd won the World Cup

Innocent 10

Smoothie supping aplenty


And sitting on benches that were clearly too small for us.


You can track the progress of the project here via the magic of our very own waste-o-meter, and if you fancy doing a similar thing at your school we've put together a handy guide with some hints and tips on how to go about it. We'd love for you to give it a go yourselves and help save even more perfectly good portions of fruit from going to waste.

how to knit a unicorn, a whale, and jack sparrow

Last year we discovered a really rather exceptional knitter. She sent us the Unicorn hat you see below, along with a little Santa and Robin hat. Her Unicorn went on to win our hat of the year competition. We fell in love with it, and her. Her name is Susan Smith. And now you can knit your own Unicorn too, download her pattern here.

Unicorn new

This year she has sent us another broad selection of beautifully crafted and detailed hats, and has sent in a couple of patterns too. Make your own Jack Sparrow, because pirates aaaaaaarrre fun to make.

Or you could knit up a Whale if you're feeling aquatic?

A great big thank you to Susan for all the hats and for sending us her patterns.

Remember, the deadline for hats is Friday 14th October. Happy knitting.