Thoughts from October 2011

something special

You may remember the Unicorn hat from last year. You may also remember the Robin and Santa hat too, from our hat of the year competition.

Well these were all made by an extra-special lady named Susan. And this year, she's only gone and done it again.


From Humpty Dumpty sitting on his wall, to Charlie Chaplin.

A Genie coming out of a bottle (on top of a bottle).

And then to our favourite, Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus.

Susan, we salute you. You'll be seeing some more of her special hats over the coming weeks.


introducing the waste-o-meter

Tnw_blogheader_strawberry (2)

We're hoping to save 1500 portions of unwanted fruit from going to waste by turning it into smoothies at a local school over the next few weeks, and what better way to measure our progress than with the latest addition to our ever growing family of o-meters - the waste-o-meter.

Waste-o-meter 111010

So far we've saved 540 portions of perfectly good fruit from a bin-shaped fate, so there's still a bit of a way to go, but like the proverbial tortoise we’ve every confidence we’ll make it.

To find out how your school could get involved head here and keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we’ve got some blenders to give away to some lucky schools if we reach our target.