Thoughts from October 2011

hat of the week: something wicked this way comes

If you go down to fruit towers today, you're sure to get a big surprise...

Things are getting spooky around here, the pumpkin soup is coming out, and magnets even glow in the dark. In keeping with the season, we bring you a halloween special hat of the week.

Would you rather be treated to pumpkin pie, or get tricked by Frankenstein's Monster? To place your vote, go to our facebook and "like" which photo you prefer.

Susan Smith


Last week showed us that mittens beat scarves. And that's a knitted fact.


cucumber and marmite

When feeling a bit peckish, Clemmie prepares herself a nice plate of cucumber and Marmite. We must admit, it seemed like a funny combination, but after giving it a try we changed our minds.

Marmite 1
Clemmie prepares her cucumber

Marmite 2
She gets some Marmite

Marmite 3
Puts a big dollop on the side of her plate

Marmite 4
And drizzles it all over her cucumber slices

Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

the big knit hat tag game needs you

We'll be running our hat tag game again this year, whereby we ask you take pictures using our little hats, and upload them via Facebook. But what sort of pictures? Pictures where you hold the hat between your camera and your subject, to make the little hat seem like a big hat (see below). Kind of like what they did in Lord of the Rings, but with hats, not Sir Ian McKellen and that hobbit.

Mr luke

To help get the game started, we need some volunteers we can send a little kit to, to get the game started*.

Hats will be in store from 2nd November in Sainsbury's and 9th November in Boots.

*subject to availability, we only have 3,000 kits to give away