hat tagging explained

So what is this hat tagging all about? Hat tagging is when you take a picture of a friend, colleague, pet, landmark (well, pretty much anything as long as it isn't rude) but with one of our big knit hats between your camera and your subject, so it looks like they're wearing it. Here's a set of helpful instructions on how to hat tag.

How to hat tag tweaked

1 - buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on it.
2 - get a camera (old school or nu skool will do).
3 - hold the hat between your camera and your subject (in this case, little Jimmy) then take the snap. Do not put the hat on to your subject, or we won't be able to accept it into the competition (note, you can submit pictures of your animals, as long as they fit this rule).
4 - keep it real, these can look a little messy, and you can leave your fingers in the picture.
5 - go to our big knit tab on facebook and upload your masterpiece.

Remember, if the picture does not fit these rules, we will remove it from the competition. Happy snapping and tagging.