hat of the week: the fight for Christmas

Christmas is a-coming on its snowbelled sledge, and what could be more fitting for our final hat of the week than a festive special. We've got a baubled tree, three grinning snowmen, and even Mary, Joseph and Jesus popped in for the final round. Who wins? It's up to you. Just visit our facebook page, click "like" on your favourite photo, and you're done.

Up first we have tricolor Snowmen


A rocking Christmas tree with baubles and all that jazz


Then the sweetest of nativity scenes, complete with Joseph putting his arm around Mary. Amazing.

Mary & jesus

Last week's competition saw Captain Jack Sparrow surpass Charlie Chaplin and a Russian Doll.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the big knit. We couldn't have done it without you. Or you. And definitely not without you.