hat of the week & hats for auction

Mole, rabbit or sheep. All sitting on a bed of daisies, all pretty adorable in their own special way, but which will win in the battle for the grassy knoll? Can the mole burrow to the highest heights, the rabbit leap higher, or the sheep finally lead the way? The choice is yours - just go to our facebook to vote.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill.


Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.


Counting sheep


In a big knit special these hats, and one of the owls from a prior hat of the week, are now up for auction on ebay to try to raise even more money for Age UK. Please take a look here to bid.

Owl x 2

In last week's battle of weird vs weirder, Mr Potato Head came out on top, and even with all of his face parts. Well done to Angela.