Thoughts from November 2011

a little film about little hats


The Big Knit is back - as of this week 650,000 little wooly hats will be adorning our smoothie bottles to help raise money for Age UK. All of the hats are knitted by real people who kindly send them in to us, and 25p per hatted bottle sold is donated to Age UK to help make winter a little warmer for older people across the UK. We're set to smash the £1m mark this year of total money raised through the campaign's history so we thought we'd make a little video about how it all started.

big knit hat tag winners: week 1

Congratulations to Cathey Dorain for winning week 1 of our big knit hat tag game, and Beki Crossley and Michael De Alvarez for coming in second and third. Smoothies are on their way to you.

We've got £500 worth of Amazon vouchers for the 3 most voted for pictures across the campaign and for each photo entered we'll donate an additional 10p to Age UK so do please get involved. To join in, visit go to our big knit page and submit your hat tagged pictures.

And here are the winners. Numero uno - Cathey Dorain's spin on Edward Munch.

1. Cathey Dorain

Taking silver is Beki Crossley's bear necessities.

2. Becki Crossley

In third place - Michael De Alvarez gets playful at work.

3 or 4 Michael de Alvarez

To help get your knit-spiration going (tenuous), we thought we'd share some of our favourites from last year. Such as Darlene McDermott's Angelina Jolie.

Darlene mcdermott_ange

Charlotte Rudd's friends down the pub.

Charlotte Rudd 2

And Ian Hunter's holiday snap gone woolly.

Ian Hunter


hat of the week: jumpers vs. owls

The Big Knit is now live in Sainsbury's stores across the UK (and Boots from next Wednesday), and we thought we'd honour that with a special woolwear hat of the week, showcasing a little pair of big chunky knit jumpers, going up against a family of wild-eyed owls.

Who will win? It's at your fingertips. Go to our facebook and click to "like" whichever photo you prefer.

Chunky knits.


Wonky owls.


Happy voting.