Thoughts from November 2011

hat of the week: freaky vs. freakier

This week's hat of the week takes us on a journey to the weird and wonderful. First up in the carb corner is the man of many faces (but one head), Mr Potato Head. In the white and fluffy corner we have Alfred the Squib. Yes, we have confirmation, he's definitely a squib, and he's got a cracking 'tache.

Go to our facebook album here, and "like" which photo you prefer to cast your vote.

The classic Mr Potato Head.


Alfred the Squib.


Last week saw the owls grabbing a landslide victory over the jumpers. Congratulations to Hazel & Pippa.


richard and the dragon

Earlier this year, Rich bravely opened up his heart, soul and office to Peter Jones, the very shrewd (and very tall) dragon, for a brand new show called How We Made Our Millions.

It's all about Peter getting to know entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick, what drives them to be successful, and how organised their stationary cupboard really is.

Peter popped in to Fruit Towers to have a nose around, chat to the people who work here, and get a better understanding of why Rich (and Jon and Adam) run things the way they do.

He also brought his camera mates along and you can see Dan's yellow outfit, Rich giving a dragon fashion tips and Peter being a little bit scared of Oli's ankles on Wednesday night at 9pm on BBC2.

Peter Jones

And if you've ever wanted to ask Rich a question, just post it our Facebook wall ( as he's going to be answering them all straight after the show.

socking news

This poster (currently gracing the back of our big cartons and little bottles) has caused something of a stir in the hosiery community.


We've received an awful lot of calls from sockless folk across the land, claiming this sock as their own and asking if they can please have it back.


It's alarming just how many socks go missing (without the intervention of hungry washing machines or excited dogs) and Sally, Janel, Joe M, Jojo, Rio and Lucy F have been amazing at dealing so wonderfully with these concerned callers.

In order to clear up the mystery and put an end to the pain and cold feet of all involved, if this is indeed your sock and you're aching to reunite the pair, just post us its sad, lonely partner and we'll return them both back to you in a velvet lined box atop a crate of smoothies.