Thoughts from November 2011

big knit hat tag winners: week 2

Congratulations to Lisa Killick for her prize winning hatted and bearded dragon. Silver goes to Jennifer Waterhouse and bronze to Cathey Dorain. The smoothies are their way to each of you. We've got £500 worth of Amazon vouchers for the 3 most voted for pictures across the campaign and for each photo entered we'll donate an additional 10p to Age UK so do please get involved (by going here with your pictures).

Just a reminder that for pictures to be accepted in the competition, you must take a picture with the hat held between you and your subject, not just putting the hat onto something / someone / sending us a picture of yourself without a hat in sight. Cheers.

Lisa Killick's dragon

1st Lisa Killick

Jennier Waterhouse's gerbil

2nd Jennifer Waterhouse

Cathey Dorain's comfy cosy Queen

3rd Cathey Dorain

Happy hat tagging.

a hug note

You know it’s a good day when you get a note like this one on your desk:

Hug note

The ‘small print’ simply says ‘for no better reason than I felt like it’

Love a random act of kindness*

*we're not recommending that you start handing out 'hug notes' to the person sat next to you on the bus, though. Probably a little too random, even if you're just feeling really, really nice

dude in the wood

Our friend Del (who made the 5 for 5 cafe signs) found this in a bit of wood he was planing todayDude

Next thing you know, we'll be getting pieces of toast in the post (just like this one of Elvis' ghost)


2 for the price of 1

Yesterday Dave got a bit more than he bargained for with his daily banana.

Dave banana 1

Being the pioneering type that he is, Dave bravely put aside any concerns of what might be concealed in the extra large skin and waded straight in.

Dave banana 2

To his relief it was just another banana, so he decided it was safe and only paused his chomping to proclaim that it tasted "twice as good" as any banana he'd had before.

Dave banana 3

rich and the dragon, part 2

Last night on BBC2, our Rich was put through his paces by Peter Jones, the dragon with the stripiest socks we've ever seen, on Peter's new show: How We Made Our Millions.

If you missed it and would like a nose around Fruit Towers and an insight in to how Rich, Jon and Adam run things (sometimes even with matching wardrobes), take a look on BBC iPlayer here:

We hope you like it - please do let us know what you think