Thoughts from November 2011

hat of the week & hats for auction

Mole, rabbit or sheep. All sitting on a bed of daisies, all pretty adorable in their own special way, but which will win in the battle for the grassy knoll? Can the mole burrow to the highest heights, the rabbit leap higher, or the sheep finally lead the way? The choice is yours - just go to our facebook to vote.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill.


Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.


Counting sheep


In a big knit special these hats, and one of the owls from a prior hat of the week, are now up for auction on ebay to try to raise even more money for Age UK. Please take a look here to bid.

Owl x 2

In last week's battle of weird vs weirder, Mr Potato Head came out on top, and even with all of his face parts. Well done to Angela.


free lunch

This Friday Tristram Stuart, the lovely ladies from A Taste Of Freedom and a few helpers are making lunch for 5000 people, and you're all invited.

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 14.07.37

Highlighting the ridiculousness of food waste, they'll be cooking up a storm with fresh ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. So expect wonky carrots, misshapen potatoes and other surplus yet still delicious veg aplenty.

If the photos from last year are anything to go by, it's well worth a visit to watch all of this

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 13.55.55

be abracadabra-ed onto plates like this

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 13.57.05

and into waiting mouths like this

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 13.56.16

You'll have to be quick though, it's first come first fed.

We've also got a little project on the go to try and do good with unwanted fruit. It's called taste not waste and you can read all about it and watch a video of Rich on a bike powering a blender here.

hat tagging explained

So what is this hat tagging all about? Hat tagging is when you take a picture of a friend, colleague, pet, landmark (well, pretty much anything as long as it isn't rude) but with one of our big knit hats between your camera and your subject, so it looks like they're wearing it. Here's a set of helpful instructions on how to hat tag.

How to hat tag tweaked

1 - buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on it.
2 - get a camera (old school or nu skool will do).
3 - hold the hat between your camera and your subject (in this case, little Jimmy) then take the snap. Do not put the hat on to your subject, or we won't be able to accept it into the competition (note, you can submit pictures of your animals, as long as they fit this rule).
4 - keep it real, these can look a little messy, and you can leave your fingers in the picture.
5 - go to our big knit tab on facebook and upload your masterpiece.

Remember, if the picture does not fit these rules, we will remove it from the competition. Happy snapping and tagging.