Thoughts from November 2011

hats amazing...

The hottest hat based competition this side of Moscow has been heating up this week as we've seen loads of amazing entries submitted.

Drum roll for this week's winners...

In first place Laura's guinea pig spruced up and put his glad rags on

GuineaDavid's udderly (sorry) brilliant entry came in a very close second

With Wen's wooly good (again, sorry, it's just too easy) entry in at no. 3:

Well done for these 3 cracking entries. For those of you who haven't got involved yet we say firstly, we've missed you, and secondly, it's not too late. The competition will be running until the 9th of December, where we'll then be awarding the 3 images with the most votes the gift of dazzling Christmas shopping with £500 each in Amazon vouchers. And don't forget that we'll give 10p to Age UK for every picture uploaded, and 5p for every vote to help make winter that little bit warmer for older people across the UK. Get tagging now

hat of the week and hats for auction

A pirate, a black and white movie film star, and a Russian doll all walk into a bar. What happens next? Please go to our facebook and give us some suggestions, and whilst you're at it vote for this week's hat of the week. Up for the eponymous title this week is Captain Jack Sparrow, Charlie Chaplin, and Babushka the Russian doll.

Charlie jack and russian doll

You can also bid for these three treasures over on ebay now, along with the modest mouse, and Mario and Luigi hats, as below. Every penny raised on ebay will go direct to Age UK, making winter warmer for older people. Last week we raised over £100, thank you so much for bidding.


Mario and Luigi inspired.



desk awareness skills

Today we tested Joe's desk awareness skills, by replacing his gigantic chocolate Santa with a much smaller version.

Stealing Santa
Stealing Santa 2
Stealing Santa 3

The test concluded that Joe's desk awareness was poor. So poor in fact, that it took him seeing this blog to notice what we'd done.

talking fridge

Good thing the 'you' doesn't have an 'r' on the end.

I want to eat you baby
Even without the 'r' there's still something slightly sinister about it.

Approach with caution.

IT snacks


If you want your office to have an effective IT Support team, please feed them jerky. They love it.

(pictured: faceless IT technician and Farhad)