Thoughts from November 2011

hat of the week: the fight for Christmas

Christmas is a-coming on its snowbelled sledge, and what could be more fitting for our final hat of the week than a festive special. We've got a baubled tree, three grinning snowmen, and even Mary, Joseph and Jesus popped in for the final round. Who wins? It's up to you. Just visit our facebook page, click "like" on your favourite photo, and you're done.

Up first we have tricolor Snowmen


A rocking Christmas tree with baubles and all that jazz


Then the sweetest of nativity scenes, complete with Joseph putting his arm around Mary. Amazing.

Mary & jesus

Last week's competition saw Captain Jack Sparrow surpass Charlie Chaplin and a Russian Doll.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the big knit. We couldn't have done it without you. Or you. And definitely not without you.


surf's not up

Unlike the Severn Bore near Minsterworth the canal that runs alongside Fruit Towers does't get much surf, this Moorhen didn't get the memo.



three jokes (of varying quality)

Right spectacle

Did you hear about the man who lost the left lens of his glasses? It was a right spectacle.

The best house warming present you can get someone is a heater.

I used to have a job crushing Fanta cans. It was soda pressing.

fancy getting your Christmas shopping sorted?

There's only a few days left to get your entries and votes into this year's big knit hat tag competition, and the chance to win £500 of Amazon vouchers. For each photo submitted we'll donate 10p to Age UK, and for each vote accumulated we'll donate an extra 5p. The top 3 crowning pictures will be announced this Friday at 11am. Just go here to submit your pictures. Look, even Kate's been getting in to the swing of it.


You'll still be able to submit photos and vote until Friday 9th December, raising money for Age UK each time you do, but there won't be another prize draw. Good luck, happy hat tagging, and thanks for supporting the Big Knit.


awesome Friday #1

We thought it would be nice to round off each week with some awesomeness. Something you can share with your friends or talk about over lunch or even better in the pub after work, maybe mention it to that stranger you are stood next to on the tube or whilst waiting for the number 36 bus to New Cross. Hopefully you'll be left thinking "that was awesome" well at least we hope you will...