totally mint


Having taken the world of natural gum by storm, our friends Dan and Mike at Peppersmith are now branching out into mints that are as kind to your teeth as your breath.

They've very nicely sent us a few boxes to give away.

All you need to do to bagsy yourself one is answer this simple question

Peppersmith Mints

Peppersmith's Fresh Mints are accredited by which of the following reputable organisations?

a) The British Dental Health Foundation

b) The Max Factor Foundation

c) The Derek Zoolander Foundation for Kids Who Can't Read Good

One lucky winner will win a special Peppersmith t-shirt as well as the mints whilst 10 runners up will all receive a box of minty goodness.

Just post your answers as a comment below by Tuesday 17th May.

And in case you thought Dan and Mike might have missed a trick with their mints and the recent royal nuptials, check out their right royal tribute here.


Thanks to everyone who entered. Big well done to Tom. Tshirt and minty goodness on its way to you very soon along with mints for Jen L,Matt M, Rajen, Claire B, Nikki C, Cari, Greg W, Laura, Martin P and Elizabeth S.