right royal knees up winner

While the nation is wondering whether Kate and Wills are on honeymoon yet or not, we're still rabbiting on about the big event itself two weeks ago.

Weird hats and double balcony kisses aside though, lots of you entered our right royal orange juice competition to win the chance to have our Dancing Grassy Van visit your street party and provide a load of Buck's Fizz to toast the newly weds (and all your friends) with.


There were love declarations from Somerset to Lancashire, Berkshire to Scotland. But in the end there could only be one winner and in the end, that was Lucy from Fulham.

Lucy won us over with her 'Kate and Wills' themed party which included a Top 40 countdown from 1981 on cassette tape and a royal kissing competition.

Unfortunately the DGV couldn't fit into Lucy's garden but that didn't spoil the celebrations (or royal kiss chase)

Here's Lucy enjoying a Bucks Fizz in the sunshine


And here she is celebrating Kateandwills when the fizz ran out

No fizz

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and who knows - this time next year, it could be Buck's Fizz all round for Pippa and Harry.