Thoughts from May 2011

popcorn prizes

To celebrate our Mini Movies winning movie, our friends at Diva snacks have very kindly given us some free boxes of their natural, healthy popcorn to giveaway to 10 lucky winners.


Every bag is under 100kcal, air popped (which is much better than oil fryed) and there are 4 tasty recipes to choose from (Sweet Chipotle Chilli, Rock Salt, 3 Cheese and Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar)


All you need to do to bagsy yourself a box for you and your friends is tell us what your diva demand would be below.

Fresh towels in your dressing room, only yellow vegetables, no eye contact from waiting staff, that sort of thing.

Post your answers below by Wednesday 25th and we'll announce the winners here then.

Big well dones to last week’s competition winners Steve B, Wendy B, Lauren L, Jane, Heather, Pauline, Mrs. Shelley and Jo. Boxes of Diva popcorn winging their way to very soon.

time for bed

It's hump day, and we're all a bit tired.

Let's close our eyes and imagine we're having our little power nap here


or here

Tired 2

or maybe even here

Tired 3

That's better.

Drum roll... Fireworks.... Red carpets....


After 3 months of mini movie madness, hundreds of entries, hours of deliberating by our special judging panel, and some furious voting by the general public we finally have a winner.

Congratulations to Antoine Lyons, Liam Nugent , Michael Spencer and Robin Persaud for creating a mini masterpiece – and for winning £5000, their work aired on TV and 2 tickets to the BFI London film festival.

when you're writing a book...

We have a new book coming out soon. It will be introduced properly on this blog and elsewhere shortly, but before it gets to the shops, we just wanted to share a modern day parable.

If you're ever writing a book, and the deadline is looming, and your publisher is rightly asking you when it all might be ready, and the printers are getting impatient, and the boss is getting nervous, and you're wondering if you really have enough time to get everything done, don't fret. Just look at this photo and you will realise that whatever hurdles you must hurdle, whatever mountains you must climb, you can succeed. It will happen if you summon the positive mental strength. Pull the sledge.


see Rich on the telly

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 15.02.14

We know this is a bit late in the day given that it happened on Tuesday, but we felt the appearance of our very own Richard Reed on The Apprentice: You're Fired was worthy of a quick mention. If you missed it, head to BBC iPlayer here to see him play "guess the fruit" with the first victim of Lord Sugar's pointy finger. He did us proud.