Thoughts from May 2011

tea for two (or five)

Our Natasha took herself away to a far away place over the weekend. Cornwall to be precise. Who'd have thought she'd come back with such tasty treats for her desk buddies?

Tea for Two

This photo shows a clear divide in posing styles. On the left, Clemmie and Rio have gone for the elegant smile with a suggestion of 'we may take a bite in a minute or two'. On the right, Natasha, Mark and Ben clearly just couldn't wait.

Needless to say, Cream Tea Tuesdays are here to stay.

guess the shape

Remember that bit in Playschool where you had to guess which window would be chosen that day?


Would it be the square, the circle or the funny arch thing? Exciting wasn't it?


Well, in a bid to build suspense and anticipation for something very exciting that we've made, we'd like you to guess which one of these shapes it will be


Clue 1: it's not the sharp banana

Clue 2: we sort of might already given the game away here

All will be revealed here officially on Friday here

In the meantime, more tenuous intriguing clues to follow

lion chop

This is really good photo for a Tuesday. It's a pretty good photo for a Wednesday, or Thursday for that matter, but it's at its best on Tuesdays. It's likely that this lion is a grade 7 violinist, knows exactly how to cook authentic moules mariniere & spends the weekends playing tennis with Roger.

Lion chop

answers for monday, please

It's Monday, it's quiet and there are some questions that need answering:

Do pirates eat oysters? Or taramasalata?

Did David Bowie's film career peak with Absolute Beginners or Labyrinth?

Is there any lead in a modern day pencil?

Are smokers attracted to other people who smell of cigarettes (some sort of natural selection thing)?

Is Kevin Bacon related to himself?

And what music should we listen to this afternoon?


friday afternoon fire drill

Time taken to get out the building: 4 mins 17 secs


Time taken to return to desk and back down to work: 38 minutes minimum (including time taken for automatic fire doors to reopen, post excitement cups of tea made and several sets of stairs to climb)


Like herding kittens. Just with clipboards.