some stuff that has happened in fruit towers recently but might have escaped your attention

1. Scott K's girlfriend, Jen, made Hester's cake using our kiwis, apples and limes smoothie. It went down a treat. In case you weren't sold first time round.


2. IT Samuel (who you may recognise as Sustainable Gorilla or Pink Bishop on a Lunch Break) got his sister to illustrate his most recent cast with some fish. To date, Samuel has broken all his toes, 4 fingers, his coccyx, wrist and his right heel as well as tearing his Achilles tendon, lightly shredding some knee cartilage and putting a gardening fork through his foot (plus the welly he was wearing at the time). He also tore his right bicep, failed to get it repaired and now only has a monocep. So his sister has her work cut out.


3. Postman Pat came to visit

Postman Pat

So now you're up to date.