ramblings about riding

Sometimes you get days when you get on your bike, ride for ages, and think you could keep going and going.

Hopefully next Sunday is going to be one of those days for our very own Mr Ed and his girlfriend Lizzie (pictured here at last year's Thriller video shoot looking fractionally less attractive than they do normally). They're heading off together from Shepherd's Bush to ride 2,500 miles across Europe to Istanbul, and raise a lot of money for a good cause in the process.

Training has consisted of eating loads of peanut butter and marmite sandwiches and cycling around West London with books weighing down their panniers. If you'd like to follow their progress (and pain) over the next two and a half months they'll be updating their own catchily named blog:

Good luck and God speed, Mr Ed and Lady Lizzie. We'll be thinking of you.