Thoughts from March 2011

mini movie magic


And so, budding film makers, we find ourselves half way through the unfurling madness and magic of the mini movies competition. It seems only right at this stage to do a round up of some of our favourites so far, before announcing the winner of this week's competition.

Bolting out of the blocks in the first few weeks was this rather fine entry that had us chuckling at chips:

A few weeks later, this silent charmer wooed us with fine use of both speech bubbles and banana skins:

And last week was clearly the week of the stop frame with a number of entries including this one which had us on tenderhooks as the train drew in closer:

And...drum roll....congratulations to the winner of this week's competition, is MoeJoeJoeJoex whose innocent superhero's reign to supremacy saw him rack up the most views this week. £200 of Amazon vouchers will be on its way to you- spend them both wisely and frivoulously.

This week's prize will officially be the biggest we'll give away in the competition- £250 of good British pounds for the video submitted between midday today and next Monday lunchtime, so there is no time like now to get those entries in. And don't forget- the weeky prizes have no bearing on the overall competition- our special judging panel will be looking at the videos and deciding a shortlist of 5 against the selected criteria, and number of views will hold no bearing. The public will then vote on the shortlist from April 25th to decide the winner. To get involved in the competition visit

25x25= a sorted summer

A few weeks ago, you may remember that we partook in a spot of Friday Night Book clubbing.

Two weeks on, we take it to the next level as we dabble in a spot of Thursday Lunch Book Flogging, as we have 25 sets of 25 rather excellent books to give away to 25 very lucky people, thanks to our friends at World Book Night. With titles ranging from One Day by David Nicholls to Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, you can safely consider your summer, and those following, sorted.


This competition is now closed.

when biscuits get ruthless...


Week 3, and the mini movies are starting to pour in. With 1 month and 3 days to go until the deadline, we're upping the stakes as next week's winner will be adorned with £200 of amazon vouchers to spend on that guilded clapper board they've had their eye on for a while.

Each week, we award a prize to the video that racks up the most views that week. This week's goes to the evil biscuit monster who has single handedly ensured that will we never look at a shortbread square in the same way again.

Rapturous applause also goes to team MultiMcEllen, who put Clark Kent firmly in the 90s and brought a new Potter spectacled hero to town.

For those of you submitting vids this week, a few handy tips to help you on your way.

1. Lo-fi is definitely key, but that doesn't mean it can't be slick. Sticks and strings are in, but feel free to use that swanky piece of kit that's been gathering dust at the back of your cupboard for the filming...

2. Once you've loaded your vid, tell the world. Your mates, your gran, or that chap on the bus who always has his music playing too loudly.

3. A good title seems to be the clincher.

Same time next week mini movie makers. May the creative force be with you.