Thoughts from March 2011

wearing bright clothes makes you happier


It also makes you more intelligent, more likely to win at bingo and less likely to be hit by a car. One pitfall to be aware of is an increased attractiveness to birds seeking to offload the remnants of their tuna sarnie lunch, but a nice bright umbrella is more than enough protection and a key accessory this season.

If you need any further convincing, just check out this chameleon. Happy as Larry he is, and completely irresistible to all the lovely lady chameleons out there.


To show our support for Earth Hour we'll be coming into work tomorrow dressed in the brightest gear we can find. But as fashion alone isn't enough to save the planet, we'll also be turning our lights off on Saturday at 8.30pm and thinking about what else we can do to make a difference once they come back on. We'd love you to join us.

lemur label winner

A few weeks ago we announced our competition to get your words on our juice labels. All you had to do was provide us with a caption to go under this little guy.

Lemur TO USE cropped

First up, here's a selection of runners-up:

"First to blink loses." by Lilly Potter

"I am so excited right now. Just look at my excited." by Tom

"When I get out of here I'm going to find a nice spot in the country, work the land, and grow old with my wife." by Tom Pryke

"That's it. Keep working that mysterious look. She'll notice yo- yep, she's spotted you, you handsome devil, you" by Hannah bates

"Paul couldn’t hide the fact he thought holding a giant cucumber for the photo shoot was absolutely ridiculous." Dudley.

"One final turn, now hold it, hold it and you've nailed the part, you rascal." by Adam Justice

"Quick, look busy, David Attenborough's coming." by Julie Ramsden

"And by the way, when I said your tail was the longest I've ever seen? I was lying." by Sarah

"Yeah, actually you did wake me up" by Rob Falconer

"You looking at me? YOU LOOKING AT ME?? Ah, wait, that's a mirror." by Amebeecomps

Now, drum-roll please. And the winner is Leyla, with the following:

"Between 10 and 5 they said. It is now 5.30."

Congratulations everyone, we'll be in touch with every runner-up and Leyla to send you each some innocent prizes. Watch this space for our next caption competition.

ramblings about riding

Sometimes you get days when you get on your bike, ride for ages, and think you could keep going and going.

Hopefully next Sunday is going to be one of those days for our very own Mr Ed and his girlfriend Lizzie (pictured here at last year's Thriller video shoot looking fractionally less attractive than they do normally). They're heading off together from Shepherd's Bush to ride 2,500 miles across Europe to Istanbul, and raise a lot of money for a good cause in the process.

Training has consisted of eating loads of peanut butter and marmite sandwiches and cycling around West London with books weighing down their panniers. If you'd like to follow their progress (and pain) over the next two and a half months they'll be updating their own catchily named blog:

Good luck and God speed, Mr Ed and Lady Lizzie. We'll be thinking of you.

are you afraid of the dark?


At 8.30pm this Saturday it is global earth hour, where people all over the world will be turning off their lights and pledging their support for the planet. This won't be a problem at all for Delia, who told us some time ago how she's helping tackle climate change. Please take care if trying this at home though, Delia does eat a lot of carrots. It's probably also best to keep your eyes open.

Delia in the dark

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off to take a stand against climate change. Earth Hour 2010 was the biggest yet, with a record 128 countries and territories joining in the global display of climate action.

a little film about little films


On a very rainy Saturday four weeks ago, we held a little workshop here at Fruit Towers to launch our mini movies competition. Ben Wheatley- film director, very funny chap, and the maker of our superhero ad- spent the day with us, talking about his own experience, sharing top tips, and helping our film makers' make their own little mini movies on the day.

This is our little video about the day- thanks to Mark and Dan for all the time they put into making this for us:

To find out how you could get your work on TV, and win £5000, take a peak here here.