Thoughts from March 2011

some stuff that has happened in fruit towers recently but might have escaped your attention

1. Scott K's girlfriend, Jen, made Hester's cake using our kiwis, apples and limes smoothie. It went down a treat. In case you weren't sold first time round.


2. IT Samuel (who you may recognise as Sustainable Gorilla or Pink Bishop on a Lunch Break) got his sister to illustrate his most recent cast with some fish. To date, Samuel has broken all his toes, 4 fingers, his coccyx, wrist and his right heel as well as tearing his Achilles tendon, lightly shredding some knee cartilage and putting a gardening fork through his foot (plus the welly he was wearing at the time). He also tore his right bicep, failed to get it repaired and now only has a monocep. So his sister has her work cut out.


3. Postman Pat came to visit

Postman Pat

So now you're up to date.

calling all budding directors...


...there's no time like the now.

As part of our mini movies competition, we've got some rather special little film makers' kits to give away. We've spoken to lots of film makers over the past few months, and enclosed in these kits are the things that they said they'd be lost without*.

*think more along the lines of sticks, strings and minature sized train models than champagne, giant dinosaurs and red carpets...

Click here. Make haste. There are mini movies to be made.

Monday mini movie magic


With just less than 3 weeks to go until submission deadline (April 17th), we're officially getting excited about the world of mini movies...

On Friday, we were totally blown away by this piece of grape yelping brilliance:

We spent a bit of time earlier in the week with our heads in the clouds as this bit of movie magic came in:

In a very close second place, we saw panic in the playground and the perils of peckishness being thwarted:

But the winner of this week's competition, awarded to the video submitted between last Monday and this one that racked up the most views, was this little fella:

Congratulations and a big thanks to all those of you who have entered so far. For those of you currently creating a little masterpiece, get those entries in now- there are £200 of amazon vouchers to be snapped up this week for the entry that gets the most views between now and Monday noon next week. And if you who've entered so far but not won the weekly prize remember this- the weekly contest has no bearing on the final result as this will be judged on the basis of creativity and adherance to the brief, by our special panel.

To get involved in the mini movies competition and to win the chance of having your work shown on primetime TV, pocketing a cool £5000 and winning 2 special tickets to the BFI London film festival, just go here to find out more.

your words, our labels (part 2)

We ran a caption competition last month asking you to tell us what words should accompany our lemur on our next round of orange and apple juice labels. After a side-splitting session reading through all the suggestions we eventually selected Leyla's caption as our winner (you can see the rest of our favourites here).

We were so impressed with the quality of the captions first time round that we thought we'd run the competition again, and give you all another chance to try your hand at becoming a published innocent writer.

Sheep croppedd

So, you know the drill - what is this sheep thinking, saying, or playing at?

Just post your caption as a comment below, and we'll announce the winner in a few weeks' time. The top ten runners up will each get a load of innocent goodies, and the winning caption will be printed on our juice labels alongside the sheep this summer, and read by gazillions* of people. Fact.

**Competition now extended to Wednesday 11th May** Good luck.

*last time we checked, gazillion wasn't a real number, but who's counting?