recycle week


Simon says

This week is Recycle Week and to mark its beginning this morning we played a big game of "guess the bin". We put pictures of lots of things including cartons, used tea bags and deodorant cans up on the big screen and asked everyone to vote on whether they thought they went in the landfill, recycle or compost bin by putting their arms in different positions. Sustainability Lou thought she'd taken some great photos of the action but it turns out she hadn't (she's blaming the camera), so we can only imagine that it looked a little bit like the above but without the American president. He got stuck in traffic.

Run by our friends at Wrap, Recycle Week this year has a Home and Away theme. Nothing to do with Alf, Ailsa and Bobby (sadly), this year’s event is all about how even the smallest actions can make a real difference to our environment. So whether that means remembering to take your cotton bag/wicker basket/coat with the really big pockets to the shops instead of using a plastic bag, rinsing out and reusing your empty pesto jar or taking part in a Big Tidy Up in your local area, there’s loads of ways to get involved. We’ve made a handy guide to recycling our products right here, and if you want to find out more about what can be recycled where you live (or just watch some nifty videos about what happens to your recycling after you put into those green bins) then check out the Recycle Now website.