our new refreshing kids drink

Summer's starting to peek its head round the corner, and so we thought you might be in need of some ideas on how to refresh your kids.

Go to Thorpe Park for a flight down the log flumes. Have a waterbomb fight in your garden. Take up model boating and race your high speed water chariots around the local pond (just try to resist jumping in after them).

Or to make life easier, why not give them our new kids' juicy drink? It's a blend of pure fruit juice and spring water, so it gives your kids one of their 5 a day, and stops water being boring. Simple, really. It's available in juicy orange and delicious apple, and is perfect for lunchboxes.

Orange juicy combined
To celebrate the arrival of this new addition to our kids' family, we're giving away 20 innocent kids lunchboxes with goodies inside. To be in with a chance of winning one, just go here and tell us your top-tips for water-based fun this summer.

Here's a picture of us at Fruit Towers giving the new innocent race boats their first outing. Jules' team ruled the day, whilst Adam lagged behind.