picture this

We think some of the best things about summer take place on the beach. The feeling of warm sand between our toes; the sound of waves crashing against rocks; the sight of a beautiful sunset; the smell of BBQs on the beach. We'd go on but we've run out of senses.

One dreary day last week we decided to surf the net for holidays (pun intended), and came across some spooky images from the depths of Moilinere Bay, Grenada.

Sea Sculptures

Now imagine you're minding your own business - doing a spot of snorkelling, when you see something that looks distinctly like a man typing at a desk

Sea Sculptures 2

And if that wasn't quite weird enough, you then bump into a woman with big, gaping holes where her eyes should be

Sea Sculptures 3

We're strangely fascinated, but can't help feeling we'd have a lifetime of nightmares if we ever stepped foot in this part of the ocean.

Maybe some other time.