I am XXXXXX the lion

Lion chop

We've developed a bit of an obsession with this lion. Sal even printed off a picture of him and stuck it next to her desk. She says he makes her feel better about the spreadsheets she needs to fill in. She says he makes her feel better about pretty much everything, actually, and we have to agree. It's an amazing lion.

We realised we were calling it 'the amazing lion' rather a lot though. For a creature so close to our hearts (and so close to Sal's head), 'the amazing lion' felt a little impersonal.

After all, we'd gone to the trouble of establishing some of this lion's key attributes (namely an ability to cook authentic moules mariniere and play tennis to a more than reasonable standard), so why not give him a name?

We asked our Facebook followers what they thought he should be called and these are our five favourite suggestions. If you'd be so kind as to tell us which you think is best then we'll start calling the amazing lion something a little more befitting of such an incredible barnet. And probably send something nice to the person who suggested the winning name.

Carruthers Ponsonby-Smythe


Rupert Hetherington the Third


Mr Susan

- thanks to Emily, Peter, Elizabeth, Aimee & Richard for their suggestions