dancing queens

Tuesday night was a pretty exciting night for the ladies of the innocent dance club. For the past 8 weeks they've been working with Laura Harvey from the English National Ballet for the Dance to Work project on a contemporary piece based on Wayne Eagling's Men Y Men, and Tuesday night was the night things got serious as they performed at Sadler's Wells theatre.


It all got off to a great start with roses in the dressing room, lights round the mirrors and nibbles and drinks to calm the nerves


Buns were preened to perfection


Last minute practice was held amidst the hairspray fumes and bronzing dust


And some decided to escape the madness by catching up with the news


Three group hugs, endless words of encouragement, five minor panic attacks and about sixty hair grips later they were finally ready to go on. By all accounts they did a smashing job.

We'll share the video soon.