Thoughts from June 2011

the longest brush

This man has the longest window cleaning brush in the whole of London. It's magnificent.


As seen this morning out of the window. Also, please note the spooky ghost van on the right. Weird.

ever wanted to know who manages our Facebook page?

Super sarah to the rescue

Ssssshhhhh, don't tell anyone.

This is Super Sarah. She came to visit us for the day (her Dad's quite an important chap in Fruit Towers*). When she's not tapping away on her computer or barking orders down the phone at suppliers, she's telling us what she thinks of our office.

"It's not an office," she said, "it's an amusement park." And what Super Sarah says goes. So we're off to throw balls at coconuts - how else are we going to get the milk out?

* He's allowed to ride his scooter around the office

magnets and football tricks

If you're anything like us, you can't help but be soft when it comes to kids.

Especially when this turns up in your inbox.

Meet Scott - an avid collector of magnets, and a rather trendy one at that.

When his Mum's preparing his tea, Scott enjoys a game of football in the back garden. On this particular ocassion he'd been trying to perfect his toe bounce around the world, so when his Mum called him in for dinner, Scott was feeling a little tired to say the least.


So a very big thank you to Scott for making our day with his photos and impressive array of magnets.

dancing queens

Tuesday night was a pretty exciting night for the ladies of the innocent dance club. For the past 8 weeks they've been working with Laura Harvey from the English National Ballet for the Dance to Work project on a contemporary piece based on Wayne Eagling's Men Y Men, and Tuesday night was the night things got serious as they performed at Sadler's Wells theatre.


It all got off to a great start with roses in the dressing room, lights round the mirrors and nibbles and drinks to calm the nerves


Buns were preened to perfection


Last minute practice was held amidst the hairspray fumes and bronzing dust


And some decided to escape the madness by catching up with the news


Three group hugs, endless words of encouragement, five minor panic attacks and about sixty hair grips later they were finally ready to go on. By all accounts they did a smashing job.

We'll share the video soon.

good looking cooking from a rather good book

Our shiny new family recipe book has been out for 2 weeks now and everyone at Fruit Towers has been cooking up a storm.

Spaddy made Stu a birthday cake using the One Cake Wonder recipe. Janel excelled herself with classic lemon chicken bake, with red French beans and apple and potato rosti. And Annika made enough veggie burgers for dinner and lunch.

Niels and Jess whipped up the sticky sausage and sweet potato mash one night


And then followed it with failsafe spag bol the next


Amy went one step further by tackling the issue of healthy eating in a meeting


Not content with simply making the banana and chocolate cookies for her team meeting


She also made the super speedy macaroon recipe

This recipe was very kindly donated to us for the book by Lucy and Claire who write an excellent blog called Crumbs (which is also packed with great recipes and ideas for feeding your family).


There's still time to enter our competition to win a copy of Hungry? Just click here and who knows, it might be your dinner on here in the not to distant future.