Thoughts from June 2011

Fancy a job?

Do you know your HTML from your kerning?

Can you tell us what's wrong with the type below?
Are you able to juggle 117 different things at once whilst having a conversation about what you had for your dinner?

If your answer is a resounding yes then we'd love to hear from you.
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an ailing beast that's stood the test of time well

As many of you will have seen if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook (which you can do here and here at the click of a mouse) Mr Mike Kus recently did a nice job of re-aligning the innocent website along with a rather excellent time-lapse video of the entire process, we love a bit of time lapse and we love the fact Mike chose us as a case study.


Not sure what cook for dinner to tonight?

Need something to whet your appetite?

Why not feast your eyes on these short but informative videos of the excellent Anna Jones (who helped us come up with the recipes for our new book, Hungry?) and some short but exceptionally talented commis chefs making some of the recipes out the book?

Veggie burgers for mains

Accompanied by a tasty chop chop salad

And finished off with a fruit mess.


Which is exactly what is sounds like.

Happy watching, cooking and most importantly, eating.

our man at glastonbury

A few innocent staff made it down to the world's biggest mudpile last weekend.


Most of them are still stuck there, but we have one eyewitness account, from The Man Who Made It Back:

“The mud didn’t get me down. I escaped it via the power of music. Special highlights included the secret Radiohead show in the rain, Caribou’s energetic display (which reminded me of some dentists in a disco), and most psychedelic of all, Tame Impala, who wore no shoes and took me back to 1969, even though I wasn’t alive then. Time travel – that’s a real skill, let me tell you.”


Were you there? Have you made it back? Will there always be a part of you in a muddy trench, somewhere in between the Pyramid Stage and that falafel rave van?

Did you experience some musical magic that knocks the damp socks off our MWMIB*?

Tell us your favourite moments right here and the best one wins a case of welly free smoothies.

*man who made it back