Thoughts from July 2011

anthony the catapulp champion

For the past 2 weeks we've been hosting a Catapulp game on our website. Competition has been fierce but there can only be one winner: Anthony, who scored a total of 6202 oranges.

110706-catapulp champion

We didn't think it was humanly possible to reach such a high score so we invited Anthony to come in to our office to prove his skills in person on our big screen. It was a grand moment. Passers-by in the kitchen were mesmerised by his skills and lots of pieces of toast got burnt.

Picture 006

Check out his skills here:

just cycling to sydney, darling

Won't be a jiffy.

Cycle diaries

Ever cycled to work and wished you could just carry on? Ever wanted to take a year off work to go and do something a bit different? Ever lost the plot completely and decided to cycle 13,000 miles to Australia?

Our very own Matt has. He'll be cycling from Trafalgar Square to Sydney, Australia with his mate Andy. Their stamina, patience, and glute strength will be tested as they make their way through 22 countries and three continents over the course of a year.

Having won an innocent scholarship earlier this year Matt got £1,000 from us towards his bike. The duo are raising money for the incredible charity War Child (£9,000 raised so far) with every penny raised going to the charity. Wish them luck and follow their adventures here:

Ride like Shadowfax boys, and show us the meaning of haste. Or just go at your own pace - 13,000 miles is a long way.

the joy of trundle wheels

A few of us were lucky enough to escape from our desks for a couple of hours yesterday and spend a bit of time at a rather lovely primary school. The sight of a mini football field where jumpers would no doubt be used for goalposts in a couple of hours, some children being put through their paces in a cycling proficiency session and pictures of imaginary islands on sugar paper which had gone a bit crinkly because the paint was so wet all had us transported straight to Nostalgiaville, but it was a glimpse of the humble trundle wheel that really tipped us over the edge.


Just look at it. What's not to love? It's just begging to be taken out and used to measure stuff. Someone we spoke to who shares our fondness for trundle wheels loves the idea of carrying one around "just in case", and we have to say we agree. Although admittedly a little cumbersome, the satisfaction of being able to whip one out to set up a 100 metre track in the park whenever the mood takes you or to measure parking spots to check if the Batmobile will fit in while a huge queue of traffic builds up behind you far outweigh any disadvantages in our eyes.

ode to innocent

Here at Fruit Towers, we like to celebrate the lovely stuff. That's why we have a little shelf dedicated to our favourite consumer (a.k.a. drinker) of the month.

Consumer of the Month

This month something very special caught our eye.

A nice poem.*

A poem

We replied to Annie and John the teacher with this rather shoddy piece:

'Annie and John sent us a lovely poem

Which was rather nice, as we didn't really know 'em

John wasn't well, but is now fighting fit

After drinking some smoothies for a little bit

It just goes to show what a smoothie can do

2 of your 5 a day and really good for you'

We think their poem is very special indeed. Much better than ours, that's for sure.

* may need magnifying glass.

smoother than a freshly shelled conker

Des Lynam has more gravitas than your average man. He is smoother than the average man. He is the English Tom Selleck. A prince amongst mammals.

Des lynam
We asked our friends on Facebook how best to describe just how smooth Des Lynam is. These are our favourite suggestions:

"Smoother than a greased weasel" - Steve Parker

"Like a freshly shelled conker" - Rachel Williams

"As smooth as a mannequins groin" - Joe McChisholm

"Smooth, warm and wet...bit like the inside of a lama's cheek" - Richard Kemp