Thoughts from July 2011

bananaphone academy

Meet Theo, our youngest recruit. Marvel at his impeccable phone manner and the speed at which he churns through those calls. Things go slightly off track when he momentarily mistakes a lemon for the phone (surely everyone knows they're shaped like bananas) but we'll let him off for that given his youth and relative inexperience. Theo, you're hired.


10 minutes left before home time, and what better way to pass that time than with a few photos of really badly stuffed animal. One might wonder where we found such things.

Stuffed cat

They get worse.

Stuffed oselot

Much worse.

Stuffed monkey

There you have it.

gig of the year

Forget Fruitstock, get over Glastonbury and don’t even bother with that festival that you have to dress up like a fish for.


For there is only one gig to be at this summer and it’s happening at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire on Friday 29th July.

Yes, that’s right. Precisely three years after their last public performance at the Village Fete ‘08, the innocent band are back for one night only. And it is going to rock.

The band 08

If you missed the innocent band the last time round, now is your chance to come and see the people who make your smoothies by day, rock out by night.

Here they are, taking five during a rehearsal to sup on their OJ rider. Band

Next Friday, this is where they're going to be


They’re on stage at 7:15pm sharp (meaning you can come along and watch and still make it home for Newsnight after) and tickets are on sale right now.

So if you fancy rocking out next Friday, buy yourself a ticket right here.

N.B Imogen Heap won't be playing. We thought we should say that just in case you saw that picture at the top, got all excited, bought a ticket and then turned up to be nothing but bitterly disappointed. It's never a way to start a w/e.

Facebook Q&A with our co-founder Richard Reed - Sunday 17th July

This Sunday at 11pm, straight after his appearance on the final show of The Apprentice, our co-founder Rich Reed is going to be online for a live Q&A on our Facebook page. He'll answer as many questions as he can for 45mins so be sure to check in from 11pm if you'd like to pose a question, or recommend he wear something other than a blazer and T-shirt for a change. Should be good.