Thoughts from July 2011

canal cruisin'

This is John


John drives the Angel Boat


Inside, you can make bacon sandwiches in the kitchen


And then get some kip afterwards in one of the 12 bunks.

John took the Creative team for an overnight boating trip down the canal the other week

He picked us up from outside Fruit Towers


Showed us how to do the locks



Gave extra special help to those who needed it

How not to

Let us stop off at Camley Street Nature Park for a spot of big top brainstorming and lunch


He even let us have a go at steering until Delia took us through a tunnel and steered us into the wall


Post tunnel gormless glaze


After unlocking, relocking, doing lots of work and waving at tourists along the way, we then got to kip over in bunks and eat leftover chips for breakfast.

It was ace.


You can hire John and The Angel Boat for a day, an evening or an overnight trip and as it’s a charity, all the money goes to taking kids and local community groups on boating holidays.

If you fancy booking a trip yourself or finding out more, have a look right here.

dropping science (and fruit)


We're making a new TV advert. The clever ones among you will be able to tell that it features fruit. Using the latest "dropping fruit from a rickety bit of scaffolding" technique, we are hoping to make something beautiful, entertaining and innocent in its nature.


Pete ("the best in the business") is looking after the fruit. He picks it, preens it and sometimes talks to it.


Helen is the director. She's firm but fair, and is guiding us towards sunlit uplands.


And the fruit just keeps rolling. Down chutes, from wires and pretty much every other way you can imagine that fruit could be propelled. We will stop at nothing until we have made fruit do every trick in the book.

they don't make them like they used to

When we were little and had our first crush at school, we might have expressed our feelings through a love heart. We'd choose our quote carefully mind. 'Blue eyes' meant nothing if the boy or girl we were pursuing had brown eyes, and 'Don't cry' at that age seemed more of a taunt than a romantic gesture. So it was always best to go with the safe option - 'True love'.

Feeling nostalgic we bought a pack - only to find some rather odd romantic (?) lines.*

See if you can spot them.

New love hearts

This begs the question - whatever happened to romance?

* 'Just say no' can only mean one thing, can't it?