Thoughts from January 2011

new year, new stuff

A big well done to Louise W, Samantha KF, Kerry D, Tracey T, Flora R, JJ, Laura B, Helen W, David M and Simon W. Late January salvation on its way to you right now.

Resolutions starting to wobble? Biscuit tin serenading you? Need steering back onto the 'new you' track?


We've got 10 'New Year, New You' (TM) packs to give away, packed full of good stuff to help you get back on that straight and slender path including:

  • A boxful of tasty porridge from the nice ladies at Grasshopper (to warm up the chilly mornings and get you through to lunchtime) Porridge ladies
  • An Action Diary and some uplifting pencils to keep you organised and motivated from the folk at We Are What We Do



  • And a handful of veg pot and smoothie vouchers to help you through the perilous waters of snacking and lunchtime occasions.

Add in 52 star jumps and a stir fry for tea and you're sorted.

To bagsy a box, just tell us how the best thing that has happened so far in this shiny new year.

Post your answers below by Tuesday 18th January and make 2011 the year where you eat better, do better and maybe end up looking like Joe.


Oh yes.

a christmas tree is just for christmas

We've noticed Christmas trees trying to find new jobs out on the streets, as they're no longer wanted in the home. Having shed their jewellery, we've spotted them pretending to be motorbikes.


Acting as a new hat for an old car.


Falling over drunkenly outside the office.


And wishing they were Oscar the Grouch.


impress your boss

If you're desperately racking your brains for how to impress your boss, then rack no more. To get a bunch of our tasty veg pots delivered to you and your esteemed colleagues for free, just fill in your details here. Employee of the Month guaranteed.