Thoughts from January 2011

calling all budding filmmakers


Ben Wheatley (the rather brilliant chap who made our advert) is holding a film making masterclass at Fruit Towers in a couple of weeks and we'd love it if a few of you could come along. After gleaning Ben's expert wisdom on films of the lo-fi and handmade variety, you'll be set loose to make your own. All you need to do is be keen, come equipped with your own filming device (whether it be your mobile phone or something distinctly fancier) and be prepared to master stick-and-string based productions.

So if you're free on the 19th Feb from about 10-4, tell us a bit more about yourself here
to throw your superhero director's cap firmly in the ring.

posh bottles

Caped innocent superhero smoothies visit Selfridges. They'll be available till the end of January in the big yellow store and you can reuse your cape over and over on any bottle/Action Man figure afterwards. Here's what he got up to on his first day.





new year, new toys


Or in this instance, new games. If you need to blow away the January cobwebs and keep your hands out the biscuit tin, employ your brain and fingers by playing our Snack Invaders game. Should keep the garibaldis at bay till at least hometime. Hopefully. Play it now...

Remember to Tweet your high scrores. @innocentdrinks #snackinvaders