Thoughts from February 2011

swede-y todd and friends

At Broughton Primary School in Scotland, the creative class of P 2/3 decided to make some rather scary fruit and veg monsters. We haven't slept a wink since.

Veg art 1
Swede-y Todd

Veg art 2
Edward Cherry Hands

Veg art 3
Al Pea-cino

Veg art 4
Count Brocc-ula

Veg art 5
Melon in Black (created by Samuel)

Veg art 6
Mr. Evil Sweet Potato Head (created by Tom)

We struggled a bit with the names towards the end. If you have any suggestions (the more tenuous the better) do let us know.

A big thankyou to P 2/3 Broughton Primary School and their teacher, Mrs. Buxton, for all their hard work and creative flair.