Thoughts from February 2011

the power of five

Superhero Fun Kirstin Sillitoe

Inspired by our superhero ad, the Purple Patch Arts Group for Manchester Teenagers got down to some PVA glue based fun and whipped up some heroes of their own, who we happen to think bear more than a passing resemblance to a popular five piece boy band.

From left to right we present Dude in a Hood, Spiderman-Rap, Village Person, Pipe Cleaner Man and Swimming Small Face. Our little caped crusader's quaking in his smoothie-filled boots.

if innocent were the Prime Minister

In between the madness of your Christmas shopping last year, it may have escaped your attention that there was a bit of a media backlash against plans to draw up a Government policy on public health. Reports circulated that some of the big food and drink manufacturers were involved with drafting the policy, which understandably ruffled a few feathers. After all, this is a policy that has a huge task of reducing obesity and which, if something’s not done soon, is going to affect every other person by 2050 (and what people eat and drink clearly plays a huge role that).

We should point out here that we’re not opposed to businesses being involved in policy development: it’s important to ensure that policies can be implemented effectively. But we do think that such involvement should be open and transparent.

Back in November we were aware that the Government was busy beavering away at the public health White Paper and it got us thinking what we would do if we were put in the hot seat. We had loads of ideas but we were interested in getting the opinions of real experts. So, we invited nine of the very best experts we could find to Fruit Towers for a roundtable discussion. Well, we say roundtable but actually we don’t have a round table big enough to fit nine people around. What we actually had was a four-rectangle-tables-pushed-together discussion. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


We were so impressed with some of the ideas that came out of the expert discussion that we decided to write our very own version of the White Paper, aptly named the Orange Paper- Making it happen: healthy eating and 5-a-day.

the grand squeeze 2011

To celebrate the launch of our new juice this week (yes, we launched a new juice this week), we had a big juicy breakfast inside Fruit Towers.


There were bagels, salmon, jam, and a fair bit of juice.


To round up the morning and to keep the juices flowing, we had a squeeze-off. The aim of the game was to see who could squeeze enough oranges quickly enough into a carafe to fill it (set to the overture from Carmen). And who do you think won it? One of the big fruits himself.

fancy breakfast on us?


You may have heard, but we've just launched our brand new orange juice (and apple juice too). To celebrate, we've got 11 breakfast hampers to give away.

We squeeze 11 oranges into every carafe, so we've got 11 overflowing breakfast hampers to give away (we're simple like that). In each hamper you'll find: homemade muffins, crunchy granola, fresh fruit, marmalade (made by our very own Kat E), tasty bread, napkins, limited edition innocent juice glasses, wonderful tea from, along with a thirst-quenchingly large amount of juice. There's plenty to share.

To be in with a chance of winning, just tell us your best orange or apple pun or joke. Our 11 favourites will each get a hamper delivered to their door. Here's a couple to help start the ball rolling:

- two oranges walk into a bar, one says "your round"

- you make me peel like a natural woman

- ooh-aah, juiced a little bit

To enter, click here
(entries only open for UK residents - sorry).

Competition closes at midnight Monday 14th February.

orange saves eggs from fruit fight

The eggs had their cosies stolen by the bad apple, mean kiwi and nasty banana.

1.the stolen hats

Fortunately the kind orange came along to put the apple in his place.

2. Orange to the rescue

And returned the hats to their rightful owners.

3. hats restored

The eggs were happy as Larry in their hats, hanging out with their friends, the soon-to-be-salad.

4.happy eggs again

But the eggs had not seen their fate coming.

5. eggs being eggs

And although scrambled, at least they kept their cosies.

6. the eggs destiny, hats adjacent

(thanks to Mel's Uncle Ben for sending us this eggcellent story)