little pictures of little people

This time last week, we were at Camp Bestival getting 'down with the kids' and we thought we'd share some of the photos with you.

1) One small person enjoying a carton of our juicy drink.

How. Very. Cute.

Simply Cute

2) Two keen beans demonstrating 'straw best practice'. Funny face or technical maestro? Jury is out.

'You see, you open your mouth like this and pop the straw in here…'

Straw goes here

3) Three happy chappies.

Our most enthusiastic drinker? We're not sure what the young man on the right is doing either. But we love him.

I'm a hero

4) And, last but not least, four shiny happy little people*.

Shiny Happy People

*or maybe just three. The little lady on the right doesn't look so jolly.