doing good with unwanted fruit

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Every week in the UK, we each throw away 5 of our 5-a-day portions of fruit. 5 whole portions. In the bin. Instead of in your belly. 5 whole portions that will never get the chance to cuddle up next to a cheese and ham sandwich and a biscuit finger in a Transformers lunch box or be cut up into bite-sized chunks for half time at the school football match.

Not only is this total madness, it’s also a total waste of money, goodness and bananas. That’s why we’re running a little project with A Taste of Freedom and our friends at Fareshare to take all that unwanted fruit to places where it will do real good. Come September, we’ll be visiting East Sheen Primary School once a week to make smoothies with a pile of fruit that would have otherwise been thrown away. If our test run back in July was anything to go by, it's going to be a lot of fun, and more than a little bit messy.