Thoughts from August 2011

a sustainable diet - Caroline

This is Caroline (aka as Caz). She works in our People Team and was our first guinea pig for the WWF's Livewell diet.

Caz keep a food diary for her week on the Livewell diet.

Her overall thoughts for the week were

"I found that having controlled portions of each specific food can make you obsessed with it and ultimately I ended up eating more or really craving stuff I wasn't allowed"

"I also found that planning your meals is cheaper than randomly buying stuff - I spent way less than I normally would and I also ate more healthily as I added less oil and sauces to stuff, less crisps/chocolate etc".

And here's her weekly record.


  • breakfast: granary toast with butter and marmite
  • lunch: burger with wholemeal bread roll, bbq sauce, lettuce and tomatoes
  • dinner: pasta with 1/4 red pepper, 3 mushrooms, tomato & basil sauce, chilli, 50g cheese
  • snacks: 1 banana, 1 bottle of OJ, 2 chocolate fingers, strawberries with 0% fat greek yoghurt

"Already eaten beef quota within first half day of diet... struggling to not think about food, what I can/can't eat. Sauces are difficult to work out as load of extras added to them - ended up using a Lloyd sauce I've had for a while as needed using. Mayo, butter, honey - trying to reduce, but tough..."


  • breakfast: granary toast with butter and marmite
  • lunch: 1/2 bag of rocket salad with 1 avocado, 1 tomato, half a carrot, 170g spicy chicken, tiny bit of oil
  • dinner: pasta with 1/4 red pepper, 3 mushrooms, tomato & basil sauce, chilli, 50g cheese
  • snacks: 4 chocolate fingers, 1 bottle of OJ, box of raspberries

"Can I have avocado? Feel like this is a low-fat diet currently... good to fill up on whole foods though. Managed to turn down cake & crisps so far which is unheard of. Already feel like I've shifted my mind set though, buying only in quantities I need, checking where food is from, and eating leftovers."

Caroline - Avocado

  • breakfast: granary toast with peanut butter
  • lunch: 1/4 bag rocket salad with 1 tomato, 170g spicy chicken, tiny bit of oil
  • dinner: chips, mayo, olives, tiny piece of scampi & whitebait
  • snacks: a cereal bar, half a chocolate bar

"not sure if I am allowed peanut butter but had it this morning in a rush as there was no butter... i think I have gone over my oil quota"


  • breakfast: granary toast with butter and marmite
  • lunch: sandwich on white bread (1/2 egg, a little pork, avocado, lettuce, aubergine, goats cheese & pesto)
  • dinner: innocent Mexican veg pot
  • late night eating (oh dear...) double cheese burger and chips
  • snacks: 1 banana, slice of granary bread with butter

"got offered delicious free sandwiches and salad today for lunch and couldn't refuse an offer like that.. even though loaded with oils and cheeses. I did avoid the meat based ones though. The McDonald's on the way home was an act of rebellion..."

Friday (had dinner with best friend after work)

  • breakfast: 2 slices granary toast with butter and marmite
  • lunch: salad, tomato, avocado & cream cheese on toast, little bit of oil
  • dinner: noodle soup with tofu, mushroom and chilli chicken broth, summer rolls with prawns and fish crackers
  • snacks: 1 packet crisps, 1/2 big cookie

Saturday (big BBQ at our house then friend's birthday)

  • brunch: bagel with cream cheese
  • dinner: sausage in a roll with chilli mayo, pasta salad with cheese and normal salad
  • snacks: 5 malted milk biscuits, small bit of chocolate cake

Sunday (chilling at my house)

Caroline - sleeping in

  • breakfast: sleeping still
  • lunch: leftover pasta salad and normal salad
  • dinner: jacket potato leftover from bbq heated up with tuna mayo and sweetcorn
  • snacks: crisps leftover from bbq

how sustainable is your diet?

We like healthy food (pretty handy when the products you make are all about fruit and veg). We also like sustainable food (so we make sure that the way we make our products has the least possible impact on people and the planet). So when the WWF came up with their Livewell 2020 diet, we thought it was a fab idea.


The idea behind Livewell is to develop a way of eating that would not only be healthy and nutritious but that would also reduce the environmental impacts associated with producing food. The 5 Livewell principles are:

  • eat more plants
  • waste less food
  • eat less meat
  • eat less processed food
  • where available, buy food that meets a credible certified standard

As part of the Livewell work the WWF teamed up with nutrition experts from Aberdeen University to design a diet that would be great for the body and the planet. You can download a weekly shopping list and a 7 day menu to try it out - and following the diet means that not only do you get your recommended nutritional intact for the week, but that you also reduce the carbon footprint associated with what you eat by 25%.

This we had to try. Roll up 7 innocent employee Livewell guinea pigs (just a phrase, we do not support animal testing in any way).


Our guinea pigs agreed to try out the Livewell Diet for 7 days and share their experiences of eating a sustainable diet. Some of them thought they were pretty healthy sustainable eaters already, some thought it could be a challenge.

Watch this space to see how they went.

a little something in the post

Emails are great. They're super fast, no trees are harmed in their making and they merrily congregate in your inbox while you're on holiday, cheerfully greeting you on your first day back in a way that makes you instantly forget you've been away.

But as much as we appreciate the merits of emails, we also think that the pleasure of getting a little something in the post takes some beating. Which is why this project really caught our eye. It's called Snail Mail My Email, and it's a month long art project seeking to bring back appreciation for the art of letter writing by letting participants submit emails which are handwritten on paper, tucked into an envelope, and posted to a recipient of your choice.

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 14.52.33

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 15.13.56

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 14.53.23

So if you want to let a special someone know what they mean to you, that you like their new hairdo or that you're sorry for borrowing their top 10 years ago, staining it with tomato ketchup and hiding it back in their wardrobe, then all you have to do is drop them an email message of no more than 100 words and make sure you remember to include the address you want it to go to. Be quick though, the project ends on August 15th.

And if you're a bit handy with a felt tip pen and have five minutes to spare, you could of course just do it yourself.

community love

With all the recent troubles, there's been a funny feeling in the air. So it really warmed our hearts when we found these photos online today.

Riot clean up

That's a lot of brooms. (Thanks to @lawcol888 for this picture.)

Riot clean up 2

Cuppa anyone?

Riot clean up 3

We're sure the guy in the purple is a lovely chap, but we like to think he's saying something like "Joan, that's just not good enough. Sweep harder woman."

This lot have certainly made us feel a little bit more positive about recent events, and we think they all deserve a bit of love. So if you see any of them when you're walking home from work tonight, be sure to give them a nice firm hug.

grassy road trip

Ever since we published our family recipe book Hungry? back in May, lots of people have been asking us if we're going to do a book tour.

Because, after all, every good book deserves a good book tour

Especially a grass covered one

So that's exactly what we're going to do


From 9th-24th September, the Hungry Grassy Van (HGV) will be hitting the road to take tasty, healthy food to the nation.

Using recipes from Hungry?, we'll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in all the places we visit.

Dishes will cost between £2 or £3 or you can tick off your 5-a-day for just £5 with our special meal deal


The tour kicks off in London before heading on to Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow and then back to London again

And you can win the chance for the HGV to come along and visit your event

If you live in one of the places above and are having a school fayre, cricket match, jumble sale or a late summer BBQ for your street around those dates, the HGV could be serving up veggie burgers and rainbow chips for all your guests


To enter, all you need to do is tell us why you the HGV should visit your event in 100 words

You have until the 29th August to enter and we'll pick a winner for each city we visit

We'll let you know more details about the HGV tour closer to the time

For now though, you can find out a bit more by clicking here