last lunch

We're moving house next week


So to celebrate our last Friday in Fruit Towers 2, we all got dressed up and had a slap up lunch to send ourselves off in style

Bubbles? Check


Silver service complete with waiters dressed in black? Check


Posh nosh?


And pud?


And all rounded off with toasts and a Jerry Springer Final Thought wrap up style speech from Rich?

Check check check.

We're noting down all the stuff we've got up to over the years here so we can preserve all those special memories to take to our new home.

Birthdays. Parties. Sports days.

Exciting meetings. Less exciting meetings.

What happened in the shower by the kitchen.


We'll also be posting more about the move and our shiny new home right here over the next couple of weeks

Today though, it's all about celebrating the breeze blocks, astroturf and sketchy car park that has been our home for the last 10 years.

So here's to The Goldhawk Industrial Estate and all those who have strolled to work down her charming concrete drive.