Thoughts from April 2011

fudge in the post

It's nice when someone sends you something special out of the blue.

It happened to us last week, when eight year old Charlie and his Mum sent us a card and some homemade fudge, to say thank you for some magnets we'd sent them.

The fudge went down a treat (so much so that the first batch was actually stolen from the communal fridge). Charlie's Mum was kind enough to send us another batch though, and even included a new peanut butter version that we hadn't seen before. All's well that ends well in the world of posted fudge.

the innocent a-z part 1

Can you say the alphabet forwards and then backwards really fast? No neither can we - but to help you along a little, with the forwards bit at least, why not get involved with our fun alphabet magnet game.

Seeing as our brand new alphabet magnets are now in kids' smoothie boxes across the land, we launched a snap-happy picture game last Monday - celebrating one of our new A-Z magnets every day. To play along and win some cool prizes, all you need is one of our innocent alphabet magnets, a camera and plenty of imagination. Click here to find out more.

A big congratulations to all of last week's winners. Monday's prize went to Louisewkr, with her inspired picture featuring Astrid on an avenue holding an alarm clock, an apple and of course our glow in the dark 'A' magnet.


Tuesday's winner Harlandos braved the rain to stick our "B" magnet on the front of a bus and on Wednesday GregorsDad got dangerously close to a prickly cactus to be crowned our king of "C".


On Thursday we celebrated the letter "D" with a family of papier mache deers that would have made Tony Hart proud (thanks to kohsamuirosie).


"E for Eyes" by Suzukichick had us chuckling on Friday and Fimegjoe snapped fruits in a football to be Saturday's winner.


To complete our first week of alphabet fun, our Mother's Day winner CheepCheepCheep tweeted her glorious green garden complete with smiling glow worm finger.

This week we're doing H to N. So why not grab yourself an innocent alphabet magnet and get snapping.

And remember to keep practising the alphabet backwards - we can just about make it from Z to V.

a damsel in distress experiencing picnic panic


With 13 days, 11 hrs, 48 minutes and approx 24 seconds to go until the deadline for all mini movie entries, we bring you sunshine and summer in this week's winning entry:

Our judging panel are officially quaking in their boots with excitement about choosing the shortlist in just a few weeks time. To get a chance to get your work infront of them, win £5000, your mini movie shown on TV, and a special weekend in London for the BFI film festival, just get your entries in sharpish here by midnight on Sunday April 17th.

And if that wasn't enough- the mini movie submitted between noon today and next Monday noon that clocks up the most views will win £200 of amazon vouchers.

Fame awaits. Look busy.

p.s. if you haven't already- take a short jaunt here to get your hands on a special mini movie makers' film kit to help you make your masterpiece

fruit fight

We were having a debate in the kitchen the other day. If all the fruit in the world got a bit lairy and had a scrap, who would win? And who'd be knocked out first round? Unable to agree which fruit was the 'ardest, and which fruit was the weakest, we thought we'd ask the nice folk that follow us on Twitter & Facebook for their opinion.

Here's a selection of some of the things people said.

Warning: these pictures contain a blend of bad jokes and utter nonsense, and don't contribute in any way to your five a day.

Happy Friday.

#fruitfight banter

#fruitfight banter 2