Thoughts from April 2011

our new home

Today the doors opened at Fruit Towers III. We've moved a few miles up the road, from Shepherds Bush to Ladbroke Grove (weirdly, just across the road from our very first office). It was a bit of a wrench, seeing as we'd been in the last place for nearly 11 years.


Thankfully, everyone seems very happy with the new place. It'll take some time getting used to but we already feel like it's ours. Once all of our crates are unpacked and the teabags have been located, we're going to get along just fine.


We're posting our finest instagrammed photos here if you fancy looking at a few more nooks and crannies.


goodbye goldhawk road

Goodbye, old friend. You have been the home. You have been the home for us.*

But it's time to move to pastures/offices new. We'll miss your breeze block, astrotruf halls

Your many entrances



The drive


All the fun times



The bendy times



And the snowy times when we should have been working


No snow
We'll miss the special rooms that weren't meeting rooms




And all the boring corners


Good times, good times.

Best of luck with all your future occupants, Goldhawk Industrial Estate

May they appreciate you as much as we did (and be slightly less messy and more respectable of your car park).

*and apologies for using the music of J Blunt to sing you out in style

how do you solve a problem like shoes?

According to the first page we clicked on when we Googled it, around 4543,400,000 people around the world wear some kind of foot covering on a daily basis. Some of these are very sensible indeed and own just one or two pairs which they wear until their toes poke through and then replace. Others own lots and lots of pairs which, if they're not careful, sneakily take over their houses, lying in wait at the top of the stairs ready for the late night toilet stumble, no doubt relishing the opportunity to educate on the dangers of excessive consumerism.

With Easter coming up, we thought it the perfect time to give you a quick run down of potential shoe storage options in the hope of saving some twisted ankles and egg-like bumps on heads.


First up is the Shoe wheel, perfect for the guy or girl with an array of identical and brightly coloured court shoes at their disposal. Probably not so great for workboots or wellies.

Mariah's shoe closet

Next, we bring you Mariah Carey's shoe closet, complete with its own postcode, satellite navigation system and airport style motorised buggies. Absolutely perfect for Mariah Carey.

Shoe mountain

Last but not least and our personal favourite is the shoe mountain, ideal for those who have better things to do than worry about where to keep their shoes.

scanwich anyone?

It's almost lunchtime and all we can think about is food. Really good, tasty food.

To make the next half hour all the more unbearable, someone just sent us a link to an amazing website called scanwiches. Take a look if you dare.

Thinly-sliced chorizo and manchego, on a pressed ciabatta

Scanwich 2
Roast beef, brie, tomatoes, greens, honey, dijon, on toasted french bread

Scanwich 3
Homemade roast beef, mustard, on a roll

If that hasn't inspired you to treat yourself this lunchtime, nothing will.

evil banana

Evil banana
Thomas sent us a picture of an evil banana on Twitter. To date, it is the only picture of an evil banana we've ever been sent. Thomas, this makes you an evil banana sending trailblazer. Nice work.