what a lot of hats

You know how every now and again you stumble upon something that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and plants that biggest of cheshire cat grins upon your face? You know, like when a friend's baby laughs back at you (but not at them)? Well imagine how we felt when this photo arrived in Fruit Towers.

Wendy Millett Age Concern Centre Seaton Dorset
It came from Wendy Millett of the Knit and Natterers in Devon. Every Thursday they get together to do exactly what their name suggests, with a range of volunteers involved. So far they've made over 9,000 hats this year (as pictured with them), which is more than 1% of our entire target. This is an increidble group effort.

But hats and knitters come in all different shapes and numbers, and every contribution is needed to help us reach our target of 800,000 hats. We've received hats from all over the country, be it just one or two from individual knitters, or well over 100 from a family. Below is a contribution of various hats from Pat, one of our regular knitters.

Pat Bailey all hats
We've also heard from Donna in Massachusetts who is holding a knit-in next week with her friends and family, where even her 10 year-old daughter has picked up her needles to support our campaign.

Thanks to all you knitters across the country and the world. We've been amazed by the response so far, but we still need more hats. Remember, the deadline's not until October 15th.

Keep on knitting.