Thoughts from September 2010

a badge for a badge

In her extra curricular activities, our Caroline (who makes sure that all our smoothies get to all their European homes in one piece) is also a Scout leader.


Over the last 3 weeks, she's been working with her scout troop towards their Global Challenge badge.

To earn their badge, the scouts had to choose and investigate an international issue.

So they chose Peace Day.


After watching the film, they all had to think about what it would be like living in a war zone and how it would affect their daily lives.

Then they all came up with personal pledges of how they would promote Peace Day:

Natalie: I will be nice and caring to others

Anna: I won't be mean to my brother (or anyone else)

Eliza: I will listen to my teacher, I will make friends with my enemies and not fight or get in trouble

Sacha: I will be really nice and not do or say anything violent

Thomas: I will be friendly and helpful to other people

Sherna: I will be good and not hurt other people and tell people it's Peace Day on 21st September

Today, they are all going into their schools armed with Peace One Day badges to give to every person who makes a peace pledge.

Big thanks to all the scouts and Caroline for all their hard work to spreading the word.

Let us know when those shiny Global Challenge badges arrive.

00:00:00:00 to 21 September

Today is 21 September, and today is Peace One Day. An international day of peace on which 88 humanitarian activities will be carried out in 31 countries across the world. Including life changing work such as the World Health Organisation vaccinating 200,000 people in Afghanistan and launching a Polio campaign for 8 million children.

To show your own support, and celebrate Peace One Day, just do any (or all) of the below things.

1: Simply spend the next 3:46 minutes watching the above short film.

2: Join innocent & Peace One Day's Wall Of Peace and invite as many friends as you can to do the same.

3: Add a Peace One Day Twibbon to our twitter profile picture for the day.

4: Sign up for front row seats at tonight's Peace One Day celebration concert at 8pm tonight.

"If you build a house, you start with one brick, if we want to build peace, we should start with one day." Jeremy Gilley

it's (stanhope) showtime

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and it was raining a bit - perfect conditions for the 169th annual Stanhope Agricultural Show to kick off in true style.

The highlight of Weardale's social calendar, the show began way back in 1834 and has taken place just about every year since (with the exception of the war years and during the foot and mouth outbreak).


Each year locals and visitors from far and wide descend on a field just outside the town of Stanhope, County Durham, to witness the best sheep, cattle, horses and produce that the local area has to offer.

There are prizes for the fluffiest (and most obedient) pooches

Dog class

The best painted stones

Painted stones_001

Painted pizza

Delicious baking, jams and other tempting stuff

Afternoon tea

Not to mention a dazzling array of knitted goods and some animals made from vegetables.

Captain jack sparrow

Knitted monkeys

Fruit and veg animals

And for those looking for excitement and that all important element of danger, the main arena plays host to show jumping, llama racing and acrobats jumping over pieces of farm machinery.

Meaning there really is something for everyone.


Things hot up even further on Sunday as the annual bale pulling and wife carrying competitions properly sort the men (and women) from the boys.

Wife carrying

And finally after two days of non-stop entertainment, it's back to the beer tent for the chance to let off some steam to a night of live music, which this year came courtesy of the north east's premier Celtic rock cover band, the Emerald Thieves.

To miss it all next year would be a crying shame.

So go and write it in your 2011 diary in pen immediately.

hat of the week - top of the chicks

Last week's hat of the week winner goes to Jennifer from Leicester and her disco anemone. We'll be sending her some smoothies shortly.

This week it's all a clucker as we've been taken over by farmyard animals. In the yellow corner we have Sarah-Jane's clutch of hens and their ruling rooster.

Sarah jane burningham
And in the white corner we have Alison's funky chicken. I don't know about you, but he rather reminds me of the evil penguin in Wallace and Gromit.

Alison Dark crayford kent
As always, the decision is yours. Make it here. The winning hat maker will win a sack of birdseed. (not really, but they will get a case of smoothies)



We've seen a carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear, a cloud which looked like Great Britain, but never before have we seen a face in a smoothie. Until now.

Sarah got in touch to let us know she was finishing off the last of her strawberries and bananas smoothie, but decided to top it off with some mangoes and passion fruits smoothie and hey presto, the smiling face above appeared. (She's promised us there was no jiggery/technology pokery going on.)