Thoughts from September 2010

knit 5, purl 2, sustainable living

So as you have probably noticed, it's that time of the year when we run the big knit - our campaign to help keep thousands of older people across the UK warm and healthy during the chilly winter months.

It's also that time of year when the days are getting shorter, it's only really warm if you're standing in direct sunlight with no wind, and you start thinking about turning on the heating again. During a visit to one of our suppliers we were asking them about the actions they take to use a little less and Chris told us about using wool from his sheep to make jumpers for the family.

Chris Glasspool - Gerber

It reminded me of the campaign run by Global Cool last year - 18 degrees of inspiration. Where they talked about really simple ways to stop wasting cash, look better (even lose weight) and reduce energy usage.

I think Rach from innocent watched their video.

Use Less - Innocent 024

So if your knitting skills are honed from producing hats for our little bottles, perhaps consider trying a jumper (or in my case a scarf - I need to keep practising).


the walls are alive

With some very fine tomatoes.

In just 10 days time, we're opening the doors to our 5 for 5 cafe and we're pulling together the final touches.

Along with some of the finest vegetarian fare for miles around, our cafe is going to feature a number of very special walls. Move over brickwork, breezeblocks and MDF - walls of fruit and veg are the way forward.

Our friend Rob at Rocket Gardens has been busy in his wood shed knocking together some frames for our living walls.

Here they are being loaded onto Rob's very snazzy blue tractor.

Snazzy tractor

And here they are full of tomato plants, all ready for the journey up to London and their debut at The Tramshed.


There's still a giant wall of Little Gems to come.

Lettuce pray it arrives on time.

To book your spot at the cafe and to see the walls with your very own eyes, just click here.

a pea filled peaceful lunch

To continue to celebrate Peace One Day today we just had a very peaceful lunch.


Consisting of lots of our Peace One Day smoothies.


Pea based lunches from the good people at Hummus Borthers (give peas a chance).



And a film screening of the new Peace One Day movie 'The Day After Peace'.


There's still plenty of stuff you can do to get involved with Peace One Day yourself right here.

gingerbread building dilemma

Cake Club are undecided as to what to do for their special Christmas Cake Club.

Should they go to town and make an entire gingerbread village?


Or pool their collective baking prowess and make one massive gingerbread house (complete with ice cream cone turrets and brandy snap dovecote?)


Vote here to decide what the Christmas cake cheer should be.