the evil knits

Adam the Vampire's been up to all sorts of mischief in the office. Jumping from pumpkin to pumpkin, sticking bits of fruit on them (nice nose), and foolishly teetering on the brink of danger.


Though we worry he may have got a little carried away with an unsuspecting visitor to Fruit Towers, who merely wanted to wash their hands.


Edgar Allen Skull & The Pieces Of Eight have been living it large and making all sorts of noise in Room Fruit. Even Larry the Spider's been getting involved.


Jenny the witch has been hanging around with Salvador the rat, which can only mean hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.


And the phantom hugger has been putting off any would be trick or treaters, sending them crying up the drive, without their sweets (until next year).


But at the end of a good day's haunting, bewitching, biting, spellcasting, and drumming, they all like to get together to watch the Cat signal glow, and wait for the Panther of Hammersmith to arrive (we call her Charlie) and then things can really get spooky.


Happy Halloween.