how to put a lettuce wall

Rob, Bobby and Squidge from Rocket Gardens managed to transport the wall of lettuce and tomato hangings down to London in their various bits and then spent all of Wednesday planing everything up.

Here's Rob in the middle of the lettuce wall, planting away with a hand from Squidge (in the red hoody)

Plant it

The lettuce took over a month to grow and was lovingly tended to by Bobby to make sure it was just the right size for the wall. The lettuce he grew is of the mizuna variety and the red one that makes up the number '5' is called Red Knight.

Here's Rob giving it a final trim before it goes up

Trim it

And here's how the cafe looked at about 4pm on Wednesday

Final touches before the big lift

Screw that bit in

Easy now


A final spruce from Squidge


Then it was onto the hanging gardens of Shoreditch

Hanging toms

Potting up all the herbs for the pick-your-own herb gardens on every table.


And then a thorough watering of everything and a good sweep up before heading home.

So please make time to admire Rocket Garden's handiwork if you're heading down to the cafe over the next week and be sure to add some freshly picked herbs to your lunch.